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The making of a B and B Customs Diabolic 6.0 body kit!

You might think that a "chop gun" method is very quick and creates an inferior product.  As you're about to find out, OUR "chopped" bodies are predominantly made of hand laid fiberglass mat!  Also, our bodies are continually worked on by three, full time, fiberglass craftsmen so the end product is higher than most of our competitors "hand laid" bodies!

Below is a photo documentary showing how the body of our Diabolic 6.0 is made.  You're about to discover that the quality we offer you is extremely high!

Let us know when you're ready to purchase a kit.  You might be able to find a Diablo replica one for less but if its not made correctly, you'll end up spending a lot more time and money trying to fix it than you would have if you bought your body from us.  With fiberglass, you are much better to have it made correctly than to try to rework things ofter it is made.  We've done our very best to keep our prices competitive, while providing you with the highest quality kits in the industry.

Click on the pictures to see them larger size:

0001fiberglassshop.jpg (89305 bytes) 0003fiberglassshop.jpg (94468 bytes) 001cleaningmolds.jpg (55502 bytes) 001gelcoatbooth.jpg (84001 bytes)
Our fiberglass shop in Nevada specializes in fiberglass. They make automotive body parts exclusivly!  We put their expertise to work for you so you get the highest quality kit possible.
Automotive body parts stacked on shelves. One of the things that really impressed me about this shop is how clean and organized it always is.

The Diabolic 6.0 body mold is being cleaned with an air gun.  The black spots are where new gel coat was recently added to recondition our molds.  We maintain our molds so we can produce the same qulaity consistantly for our customers. Molds are moved into the gel coat booth.  This is the first step in the production process

003paintinggelcoat.jpg (46953 bytes) 004paintedgelcoat.jpg (64544 bytes) 005spraygelcoat.jpg (88240 bytes) 006halfbodygetcoat.jpg (88721 bytes)
The gel coat is hand painted in hard to spray areas.

Here is a close up of the hand painted gel coat area.  The black spots are where new, tooling gel coat was recently added to recondition our molds. Here you can see the gel coat is sprayed in large areas.  Touch up is done all throughout the process, with great attention to detail.

Here, half the body has been sprayed.

007gelcoatdone.jpg (90729 bytes) It takes approximately one hour to spray the gel coat.  It will sit in the mold for another hour or so while it sets up, before fiberglass lay up can begin.

008fiberglassmat.jpg (83132 bytes) 010fiberglassmat.jpg (89632 bytes)
All of the gel coat has now been applied.

Fiberglass mat is cut, brushed with resin and used to reinforce the bumpers, rocker panels and throughout most of the body. The first piece of fiberglass mat is put in place.

011fiberglassmat.jpg (88259 bytes) 012fiberglassmat.jpg (84166 bytes) 013chop.jpg (81935 bytes) 014brush.jpg (91027 bytes)
Here is a shot of the second piece of fiberglass that mat has been applied.  Both are being brushed and rolled to remove air bubbles.

A roller and brush is constantly used to remove air bubbles and create as uniform a thickness to the body as possible.

A chop gun is used to lay up only large, flat areas.  Lighter fiberglass spots is where chop was sprayed.  This will be rolled and brushed until it has the same consistency of the fiberglass mat! A brush is used to make sure fiberglass is in every crease and corner -- and air bubbles are not!

There is a lot of care and attention to detail given throughout the process of making one of our kits.
015brush.jpg (73809 bytes) 016halfdone.jpg (140839 bytes) 017workingit.jpg (72741 bytes) 018roughingcenter.jpg (81192 bytes)
Can you tell where it was chopped and where it was hand laid?  Constant brushing and rolling make the two methods blend together to form a fantastic, high quality, uniform body. Three fiberglass craftsmen have been working for almost 4 hours -- and they're only half way finished!  It takes time, skill and patience to make a great product.
This is why the quality of our Diabolic 6.0 is as high as it is -- three fiberglass craftsmen constantly working to get out any imperfections!

Before they begin working on the other side of the body they rough up the fiberglass in the middle so a good bond is formed between them.

019threefourthsdone.jpg (106602 bytes) 021trimdetails.jpg (111145 bytes) 022trimdetails.jpg (132672 bytes) 020done.jpg (121776 bytes)
While she works out air bubbles, another craftsman is cutting and wetting up fiberglass mat and a third is trimming edges. Look at the trimmed edges.  Even the scoop on the hood is pre-cut.  The end result is less work for you. Headlights, front marker lights, fog lights and front trunk are all trimmed for you while the body is being laid up. All the fiberglass has now been laid up.  There is still some trimming to be done around the taillights.

The entire process of laying up the body took a total of 9 hours with three people constantly working!  And this was just the body!  There are still all the smaller, misc. pieces that need to be laid up -- the doors, hood, trunk, wing, dashboard, instrument hood, center console and interior door panels!  After they are laid up, they still have to be taken out of the molds!  To get the body out of the molds, the molds must be unbolted and removed, piece by piece, until the body can be pulled out.  The process of removing the parts from the molds takes another couple of hours.  They also look for air bubbles and correct any that are found!  We figure it takes approximately 45 to50  man hours to make each complete kit, but it's worth it because the quality is there -- and you, as a replicar builder will apperciate the attention to detail of the fiberglass professionals making it for you.  
Click here for pictures of the fiberglass crew.
Click here to pictures of the finished kit.
All pieces have now been trimmed and the molds have been moved so it can lay flat while the fiberglass sets up.

Our goal is simple.  We want to provide you with the highest quality fiberglass body kits and excellent customer service.  You will be provided with support and advice throughout the building of your Diabolic 6.0 Lamborghini replica.  We bring you Customer Service, Technical Support and Exceptional Quality so you won't risk spending your hard earned money anywhere else!  If you are in the market for a high quality fiberglass body kit, look no further.  You'll be glad you made the decision to buy your Lamborghini Diablo replica kit from us.